Battlefield 3


Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide – Why You Need A BF3 Guide

For those of us who have been playing first-person shooter games for years a bit of an adjustment is required for the latest and greatest in first-person shooter games, Battlefield 3. The major difference is that this game requires you to focus a lot more on teamwork than any of the other games out there. Another major difference is that you actually have to play the part of the class you select. You can’t select to be a medic and expect to be running headlong into enemies like you would if you were an assault soldier. You instead will have to heal your teammates and make sure they are always battle-ready. This type of scenario goes for all of the classes available in BF3. This is exactly why you need a good Battlefield 3 strategy guide to show you how to play the game properly.

That is not the only thing you will learn, however. You will also find out the best ways to set up your class as well as your weapon which will allow you to be as powerful as you possibly can be, this gives you a huge advantage over most of the other players out there because they do not know how to setup their character properly. You will also get a complete multiplayer walkthrough which shows you all of the maps and common enemy travel routes. This allows you to both go behind enemy lines undetected and shows you the best places to setup so you can mow down tons of enemies without being seen. Most BF3 strategy guides also offer a complete single-player walkthrough which will lead you to step by step through the single-player game showing exactly what to do and when to do it. This allows you to complete the game on the hardest setting with very little effort and frustration.

Some guides even offer HD videos showing you some awesome techniques and tactics which will greatly improve your kill/death ratio as well as your skill level. Most importantly you will be shown team leadership tactics that are key to dominating the game. When you know how to play as a part of a team or as a team leader that is when you will start to see huge improvements in your scores as well as your skill level. Many of the best players that you see dominating the scoreboard are not good because they are lucky, they are good BF3 players because they have learned how to play the game properly by getting a decent BF3 strategy guide.