Call of Duty


How to Get Better at Playing Call of Duty Black Ops

The following top-secret document is an intelligence report that our undercover spy has recovered from the Black OPS headquarters.

Agent #416 reporting in

As ordered, we have been observing the enemy in hopes to learn about their weaknesses and exploit any bad habits. After several weeks, a handful of enemy patterns began to emerge. In observing enemies who re-spawn we have begun to notice they all seem to behave in one of three predictable ways. We have categorized these three habits into prestige, tactical, and newborn habits. Through an understanding of these characteristics, we have been able to turn the tide of battle in our favor.

Prestige enemies- Prestige enemies don’t waste any time when they re-spawn. They are very familiar with the maps and begin to sprint toward the center of the map right away. If they are close enough, these enemies B-Line straight toward their assassins with confidence that they can take them out before they have a chance to move. This is why camping is a bad idea. You may get one or two kills off but if you sit still for too long, the enemy will come right back for you; and he will be prepared.

Tactical enemies – These enemies are average enough that they have low scale kill streak awards waiting for them once they re-spawn. Because they are smart enough not to interrupt their momentum when in the middle of the map, they choose to activate their kill streak rewards when they re-spawn. They find a safe place to sit, and they activate their rewards usually ranging from calling in care packages to deploying RC-XDs. Once they have finished using their rewards, they begin to move toward the center of the map as well. We have begun to understand the best ways to counter these enemies when they activate these killstreaks. Enemies who drop care packages are the easiest as we can follow their airdrops in for an easy kill, while the RC-XDs we have learned to let pass us so that we can move in and take out the operator.

Newborn enemies – These enemies were a lot of fun to observe. Many would spawn and just stand still doing nothing. Some would slowly turn, walk to the edge of the map, sit on the ground, and do nothing. Others would just run around in circles or stand staring off the edge of the map. We realized after spending several days observing the strange behavior that they are playing emotionally instead of logically. While this makes these enemies a little more careful, it also hinders their reaction times and accuracy. Because of this, they are easy kills as long as we move in and out quickly.

We hope the above intelligence was useful. Please send us orders based on this report.

Agent #416, Awaiting orders

The depth of knowledge in the above intelligence report will give any field agent the upper hand in battle. You can analyze the information yourself, or go to our secure database of top-secret documents. The report includes an analysis of the intelligence report written by the world’s top military tactical analysts and operation orders for agent 416 designed to help him dominate in battle.